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AAGMV Member Neila Murphy Inducted into Ohio Genealogical Society Lineage Groups 2004

Ohio SCWFO     Neila Murphy.jpg AAGGMV @ Ohio News Network TV Show 2001ThumbnailsAldolph & Joy (Depp) Bowdry on the wedding day 14 Feb 1948

Neila Murphy has been inducted into the Settlers and Builders of Ohio and the Society of Civil War Veterans of Ohio. Her distinguished ancestors, when they first appeared in Ohio records and their relationship follow.

Settlers & Builders of Ohio
Jordan and Elizabeth (Woods) Hargrave (1840) 3rd great-grandparents
William and Cynthia (Hargrave) Turney (1844 & 1846) 2nd great-grandparents

They all resided in Clinton County, Ohio

Society of Civil War Families of Ohio
James W. Hall 27th Regiment, Company I - USCT 2nd great grandfather
William H. Hargrave 55th Massachusetts, Company C - USCI 2nd great-uncle
William Turney 27th Regiment, Company I - USCT brother of Cynthia Hargrave